Thursday, 16 August 2012

Another drug bites the dust!

It turns out that I am the 'one in a million' who ruins the drug companies success ratios. ... I truly hope the MS drugs that are coming out in the near future fare better with my biology!

My liver really doesn't like drugs that are designed to help people with MS. Both attempts to use engineered chemicals to reduce the number of attacks I have, have managed to send one of my liver enzyme levels so high that it is close to achieving orbit. GRRR! *gnashing of teeth*

Previously my liver said "No!" to Rebif
Now it has said "NO!" to COPAXONE

It looks as if I will have to concentrate on diet as my saviour. ... Which means more research ... and a lot more willpower.

On the bright side, I have finally got around to looking at Dr Terry Wahls website. She is living proof M.S. can be halted in its tracks with the correct food.

Darn it! I guess I really do have to learn to cook.

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